Amy Roth

Chief Environmental Health and Safety Officer

Prior to joining Terra-Gen, Amy Roth spent nearly 30 years at British Petroleum and E&B Natural Resources, where she held key positions, including Vice President and successfully completed international assignments. Her diverse experiences equipped her with invaluable insights in the energy and natural resources sectors.

Currently, Amy plays a pivotal role at Terra-Gen, where she oversees environmental permitting efforts to support the company’s development initiatives.  Additionally, she leads health and safety, environmental compliance, energy markets compliance, corporate programs, and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. She is a Board member of the Kern Economic Development Corporation.

Amy earned a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering with Honors Curriculum from Purdue University and an MBA degree with high honors from the University of Chicago. Amy was honored by Purdue University with their Outstanding Chemical Engineer Award in 2023 for advancing the profession.