Building a More Sustainable Tomorrow... Today

Established in 2007, Terra-Gen finances, develops, constructs and operates clean and sustainable utility-scale energy assets. We are dedicated to responsibly developing projects that promote economic development and environmental sustainability in the communities where we conduct our business. Terra-Gen is committed to building and operating responsible energy projects that benefit the local community and future generations.


Leaders in Clean Energy

We are proud of our leadership in America’s growing clean energy sector. Terra-Gen is focused on bringing affordable clean energy and meaningful economic growth to communities across the United States.

Our projects bring skilled and green jobs, improvements to infrastructure and increased annual revenue to local communities. As a company focused on renewable energy, Terra-Gen responsibly develops its projects to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.


A Track Record for Stewardship

Terra-Gen’s leadership and employees understand that the protection of human health, safety and the environment is foundational to all that we do. We are committed to conducting our business in a legal and ethical manner, abiding by our strong Environmental Health and Safety Policy. Local involvement and stewardship is central to what we do and who we are at Terra-Gen.

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