Tribal Lands Statement

Terra Gen recognizes the relationship that Native American groups have with their ancestral land and cultural resources on that land. Because of this, Terra Gen strives to facilitate strong Tribal relationships in the areas where we work.

Terra Gen recognizes the importance of Native American voices in the planning and implementation of our development projects. As such, we are committed to working cooperatively with lead local, state, and federal agencies and Native American Tribes as they conduct government to government consultation to identify and resolve potential concerns and issues as early as possible. Terra Gen understands that cultural mitigation measures developed out of this consultation process are important to ensure that known and unanticipated cultural and archaeological discoveries are treated appropriately and with respect.

Prior to project construction all cultural and Tribal resource mitigation measures that were developed as part of the applicable federal or state environmental review process are reviewed carefully. Terra Gen ensures that construction managers understand these requirements and the potential for the project area to contain unidentified archaeological and/or Tribal resources. Where appropriate, Terra Gen works with the lead agencies to identify local Tribes that have shown interest in providing monitors to help protect and preserve Tribal and cultural resources that may occur on project sites. Terra Gen also educates construction personnel about the role and importance of archaeological and Tribal monitors (as applicable) in avoiding impacts/effects to significant cultural and Tribal resources that exist or have the potential to exist on project sites.