Compliance Certification 

Our Supply Chain Code of Conduct establishes the standards and expectations for our suppliers, vendors, contractors, and agents. We expect all entities in our supply chain to adhere to these provisions concerning human rights, environmental practices, and ethical conduct. By doing business with Terra-Gen, our suppliers commit to upholding these principles at all times. 

Key Standards: 

Human and Labor Rights: Ensures respect for human rights, including prevention of forced labor and abuse. 

Environmental Responsibility: Outlines expectations for sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. 

Ethical Conduct: Sets the standard for ethical behavior in all business dealings. 

Explore our Supplier Policy and Compliance Certification here. 

For detailed information on our Supply Chain Code of Conduct, please refer to the full document here 


By adhering to these policies, Terra-Gen aims to mitigate the potential risks associated with human slavery and trafficking. We believe in fostering a supply chain that not only complies with legal requirements but also reflects our shared values and commitment to a sustainable and ethical future. 

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