The initial phase of the Edwards Sanborn solar facility is one of the largest solar-plus-storage projects in North America and is situated in Kern County, California. The facility is located on both private land as well as land leased from Edwards Air Force Base. In total, the project spans over 4,600 acres.

The Edwards Sanborn Storage Project Phase 1A and 1B both have significant energy storage components. This Phase 1 comprises of 971 MW of energy storage, enough capacity to supply 971,000 homes for approximately 4 hours on a single charge

Construction began in 2020, with phases becoming operational throughout 2022 and 2023. The project has a solar energy capacity of 807 megawatts and a battery storage capacity of over 3 gigawatt hours. Collectively, this project can provide up to 1,300 MW of power to the grid.

Future project phases that are currently in development will interconnect an additional 2,000 MW of solar and energy storage to the CAISO grid. When complete, the Edward Sanborn franchise will provide up to 3.35 gigawatts of solar storage onto the grid.